Try this Trick to Stop Pain

pvc1Make Your Pain Go Away With a Magic Wand….Really!

The next time you strain a muscle, give this “health hack” a try.    You can even try it now if you experience chronic pain in your shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee or other body part– it may not work, but then again, it may work like magic.

First of all, let’s cover some background.

The human body is indeed electric – cells can be negatively or positively charged.   This is one of the many methods the body uses to move things within it, like nerve impulses and cell membrane permeability.

When a cell is negatively charged, it is usually associated with less blood circulation, less heat, and less pain.  It is also in a more alkaline state.

When a cell is positively charged, it is usually associated with increased blood circulation, more heat and pain.  It is also in a more acidic state.

So, what if you could change the positive polarity of cells in an area of pain and inflammation?

Well, you can by harnessing static electricity.

Here’s the hack:

Take a section of white PVC pipe, 1″ or 2″ diameter, about 1 foot long.  You can find some at any hardware store like Home Depot that has a plumbing section.

Get some wooly material, like a sweater (not cotton); or some gaudy colored, synthetic fur often used in costumes.  Those tend to depart with their electrons quite easily for some reason.

Take the wooly material and rub the PVC pipe with it a couple of times, then run the pipe over your painful area, close to it but being careful not to let it touch your skin.  Make about five passes  back and forth, then repeat the process 3-4 times (rub it with the wooly cloth again).

The electrons will jump into the painful site and may be able to neutralize some of the positively charged cells causing all the havoc in there!

If you’re using it for a headache, wave the wand over your forehead and eyes, and back of neck.   Find a way to keep your hair down so it doesn’t stick to the PVC wand and nab all the electrons– use a woman’s hair band, or tie it in a ponytail.

Give it a try– the worst that could happen is that it won’t make a difference (or you could be zapped).  The best that could happen is that it knocks down your pain, without you having to take toxic medications.


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